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I understand that today, especially during challenging times, people are searching for both information and inspiration that can enlighten and empower them to reclaim their victory as conquerors over life’s circumstances.

Through my unique experiences and perspective, I will reveal my core beliefs that helped me create the personal and professional life of my dreams despite my physical obstacles.

I will also present the proven strategies that I have applied and that you can apply too:
  • Harness your personal power to triumph over adversity
  • Evaluate and redefine your perspective on limitations and seeming impossibilities
  • Think out of the box to achieve your best
  • Position yourself to be victorious in any situation
  • Increase your productivity and value through effective self-leadership and communication
“I just want to thank you so much for your presentation at the Sutter County One Stop and for giving such a powerful testimony to us as counselors and to us as lovers of life and promoting the richness of others! We are all one, and your presentation helped me to realize the gift we offer of just listening to a customer rather than providing direction without knowing where they have been and who they have already seen. I valued your sentence that we are not the first office they have landed at, that they are in a series of referrals and we are not their first stop, nor are we going to be their last stop. You had opened my eyes to the reality of understanding their need before imposing my program or pointing them to further resources. I adored your statement “They won’t care what you know until they know you care”……really hit home with me. I had valued myself at being a good listener and now I need to take it one step further……to ask where all they have been and what can I do to assist with their stepping stones to success…. And how do I say in one word how dynamic you are? You are truly fabulous, remarkable, sparkling, stunning, spectacular, and valuable!! You are an incredible woman and you DO inspire, you bring out the best in other people, and in meeting you, you provide that inspiration and encouragement where I want to make a difference in the lives of those I meet and to those whom I surround myself with. You speak straight to the heart and it is engaging! You are delightful and I appreciate your honesty in sharing your story and for the powerful impact you had made in our working community. Thank you so much for the gift of your time and talent and for meeting us here at the One Stop!”

Tamara Russ, Business and Workforce Specialist, Sutter County One Stop – Yuba City, CA

“Recently the students and many staff members at Live Oak High School had an opportunity to hear a presentation made by Pauline Victoria. I did not know Pauline before, but she came so highly recommended by Toni Costales-Servin from Sutter County One Stop, a respected colleague that I was anxious to hear what she had to say. From the first moment after meeting Pauline I realized there was something very special about her, how much so I did not fully understand until she started to talk. Pauline spoke to over 40 people in my classroom, but her message should be heard by every person regardless of the age, sex, race or creed. What Pauline had to say about how to live-really live- can and will change your life-just as it did ours. She has the most positive outlook and inspiring story I have ever heard. She is real and approachable and a perfect person to deliver a message about how to embrace life’s challenges and win. We have posted up a saying in my classroom-one which we refer to often-it is: “What would Pauline do?” Thank you Toni and the Sutter County One Stop for introducing her to us. We will be forever grateful. Now we just have to get her a bigger audience. She needs a larger “stage” so many more can hear her message.”

Maryann Rador, Live Oak High School – Yuba City, CA

I had the great pleasure and honor of meeting Pauline, as she was a guest speaker at a fundraising event for my agency, Atlantic Recovery Services. Our mission at Atlantic Recovery is to work with disenfranchised individuals, mainly at risk youth, dealing with Substance Use Disorders. The reason I am giving back-story to my agency and this event, is that in attendance were 30 young men and women that, at one point had received services or had graduated from our program. We had over 300 at the event including, State, County and local officials. When Pauline reached the podium, the room was dead silent as she spoke. Everyone, including the 25 plus service staff at the banquet facility were riveted to Pauline and her story. I go to many events throughout the course of a year and never see this type of response and undivided attention given to a speaker. Her story and motivational message will remain with me, and everyone in attendance, for a lifetime. At the end of the evening, all the clients approached me and mentioned that, “they will never forget” Pauline and her words of inspiration. They all were so honored to hear her share so honestly. All other responses were, “We are deeply moved”. For these young men and women, and all that attended, every excuse to why one could not succeed or overcome obstacles in their lives, was taken away that evening. For such a small person, her message is huge. She truly has an amazing gift and will always be welcome to come back to my agency and share her experiences.

Richard M. Ciampa President & CEO Atlantic Recovery Services Long Beach, CA 

“Pauline it was my pleasure meeting you this weekend at Discover Your Power Voice. You have really inspired me with your courage. My life was changed because of your story. Thank You.”

Chante Earl – San Bernardino, CA

“Have you ever met someone who makes you stop and think “What a beautiful person he/she is”? Pauline Aughe is that person in my life who allows me to see God’s glory here on Earth. Pauline is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met. She is truly a blessing to her many friends and family and an inspiration to everyone who encounters her. Pauline not only speaks of how she follows Christ on a daily basis, she lives that life through her service to others. She gives glory to God by being a living testament to Him here on Earth, living her faith and setting an example for all of us to live by. What a privilege it is to be able to spend time with Pauline, you will count your blessings in your life and thank God that you have met her. I know that I have.”

Joyce Saenz – East Greenwich, RI

“For those of us who dare to feel sorry for ourselves; you Pauline come into our lives and our minds launch into another whole space. Many people in life will not know how to handle you. At first glance most of us are puzzled, well, then we become very uncomfortable; we look at you and fear engulfs our minds, we think, “Oh, wait a minute, my God, why, that could be me, I could have been born with no arms and no legs like her! Then in a flick of an eye you start to maneuver around; almost like a dance; it’s like you float; your head drops as your hair covers; then you’ll come up with a pencil or pen in your mouth, and like magic you start WRITING… with NO ARMS; instantly, the Power of God RAINS Down on top of OUR HEADS, and suddenly, “we” have a new understanding that the Impossible is Possible! Then in spite of your limitations you soar; your smile lights up the whole room; and your determination to defy all limitations become clear; and the message comes across clear, that you Pauline, are as far from disabled as one can be. You and the body you were born into, teach those of us who have been blessed to have a half of a brain; that feeling sorry for ourselves is no longer an option. Thank YOU sitting tall as you roll around, with chest stuck out, and your head held high, when people have laughed at you; whispered and said those mean things. Thank YOU for continuing to rise every morning, in spite of having your challenges. You… Ms. Aughe was given to this world to teach each and every one of us, who’s blessed to encounter you…You my friend teach the most valuable lesson of life…YOU Pauline, YOU teach that COURAGE is FREE!”

-Cheryl Rich, Los Angeles, CA, www.CherylRich.com