Thank you for coming to my site to get to know me. I truly feel like all of my dreams have come true. As you look at me, some of you might wonder how someone born without arms and legs could say that. I was very fortunate to be blessed with parents who disregarded the advice and logic of doctors to institutionalize me as a baby. Not having knowledge or experience in raising a child with a disability, they forged ahead with love and faith. And that was enough.
Throughout my life, I, of course, experienced tough times and joyful times. I can truly say that I have lived a fulfilled life of passion, possibility and now, purpose. I proved my independence in college and in the employment world, I’ve experienced true intimate love through my husband, I’ve given life to my son and now I am living my life to fulfill my purpose of sharing a message of hope. There is hope that you are not alone. There is hope that you can make your dreams come true. There is hope for love.

I have not done anything spectacular and nothing out of reach for any human being. I’ve experienced the isolation of being an outcast. I’ve experienced being judged and stereotyped. I’ve encountered pity with pats on the head. I’ve been left behind because of physical barriers. I’ve felt unworthy as a woman because I didn’t attract romantic love. I’ve experienced the doubt of others when they thought I couldn’t do something. I’ve heard the discomfort in people’s masked voices as I roll by and they have nothing else to say, except, “No speeding!” I’ve felt the sadness when I see others effortlessly walk and jump on the sands of the beach. Yes, I’ve been sad, frustrated, upset and afraid. And it’s easy to get caught up in the negativity.

But what made the difference was that I chose to be bigger than my circumstances, the outside glances and the inner self-talk. I chose to see myself as a person who could contribute life, love and possibility. My story illustrates that anyone can rise above their circumstances. With a transformation of how I think and how I approach life’s challenges, I have found the power within me to realize the life of my dreams. You and I are bigger and better than what our situation and people say about and to us.

Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed with the gift to touch people’s hearts in a way that makes a strong impact on their perspective of life. I am ready to enter the domain of the public eye because I am done playing small and being selfish by keeping this gift to myself or the few who I encounter on a daily basis.

I believe my life experiences can be a source of inspiration and information that can help you unleash your personal power. You are not at the mercy of the deck life handed you or the government or the thoughts others have of you. I believe that each of us are born to be victorious. Recognize your strengths and unique gifts and in those, you’ll find your significance and your victories.

I was born into darkness, not having arms and legs, and that circumstance will never change. What can be altered is how I choose to live—in love, in joy and in possibility. That is where my victory and my message is. What makes me unique is using what little I was given to live significantly in my small victories to make a great difference.
We can all begin making that difference through our stories. Our lives are a culmination of stories that connect us as we recognize our struggles and victories in life.  To read more about me or other inspiring individuals, please check out “Fight for Your Dreams: The Power of Never Giving Up!” presented by Les Brown.
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